Working in Canada with a Work Permit

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Canada is currently looking for workers to fill the gap in the labour market. In this case, it is possible that you can come to work permanently or temporarily and the possibility also exists for employers to hire professionals abroad.

As a result, some people will need a work permit while others, depending on certain circumstances, will be able to work without needing a work permit.

How it works

In order to be able to work in Canada, any foreigner who is outside Canada must obtain a
job offer
from a Canadian employer. This job offer can be temporary or permanent.

Coming to work in Canada with a temporary job offer

With this job offer, you will be able to obtain a work permit to work in Canada on a temporary basis, either for a week or a few months. The work permit obtained will be linked to a given employer for whom you are only allowed to work. The conditions imposed by this work permit must be respected.

After gaining this Canadian experience you will be eligible for permanent residence through one of the Provincial Nominee Programs, the Canadian Experience Class or through arranged employment.

Get a permanent job offer to come and work in Canada

This option allows you to come and work in Canada permanently as, with this offer, you may be eligible for arranged employment under the Federal Skilled Worker Program or the Skilled Worker category of the Provincial Nominee Programs. That is, you will be eligible for permanent immigration.

Among other things, four recruitment programs are offered by the federal government to you who are abroad:

  • Specialized workers;
  • Occupations requiring a reduced level of training;
  • Agricultural workers;
  • Live-in caregivers.

Quebec also makes it easier for people in certain professions to settle in the province. As such, 44 occupations allow workers in these occupations to benefit from simplified treatment in their recruitment process.

The opportunity is also offered to youth whose countries of citizenship have an agreement with Canada to visit and work in Canada through the
International Experience Canada
which has three categories:

  • Working Holiday Permits (WHP)
  • Young professionals
  • International co-op placements

Working Holiday Permits

This program allows you to obtain an open work permit that allows you to work for any employer in Canada. Depending on your country of citizenship, you can stay in Canada for up to one year.

Young professionals

This program allows you to gain international experience in Canada. To apply for this program, you must have a job offer from a Canadian employer. The work that the employer is offering you must be in the O, A or B skill level category according to the National Occupational Classification.


International co-op placements

This program allows you to have experience related to your field of study in the following cases

  • You are a student enrolled at a post-secondary institution;
  • You have a job offer for a placement or an internship in Canada as part of your studies.

Please note: If your country does not have an agreement with Canada on this program, you can obtain the service from a recognized organization.

We invite you to contact us for more information on this program and on the professions in demand in Canada and Quebec.

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