About Bertrand II LOUIS

Bertrand II LOUIS himself immigrated to Canada with his wife and children. Having been through the complex Canadian immigration process, he knows about wait times, intent to refuse and refusals due to poorly prepared files.

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Once he arrived in Canada, he quickly opted to specialize in Canadian immigration law in order to help people who wanted to immigrate to Canada achieve their goal by sparing them the mistakes that cost his permanent residence file three years of processing time.

Bertrand II LOUIS is the founder and senior partner of the immigration firm Visa Step Canada. Her passion for individual immigration has enabled her, when necessary, to assist several asylum seekers in obtaining a positive decision from the Immigration and Refugee Tribunal on a pro bono basis.

Only persons who are members of a professional association recognized by Immigration, Citizenship and Refugees Canada may provide advice and representation in Canadian immigration matters. As such, Bertrand II LOUIS is a member in good standing of the Canadian Immigration Consultants Regulatory Council.

You can check this information for yourself at the following address:

Once you have accessed the page, please click on the link College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants. You will then find yourself on the page of the professional order to which Maître Bertrand II LOUIS belongs.

Then proceed as follows:

1- Enter the last name: LOUIS

2- Enter the first name: Bertrand II

6- Click on search

The name of Bertrand II LOUIS will be confirmed and will appear on this same page including his membership number which is R535695. You can then click on the name to get the contact information of our firm.

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