Quebec Entrepreneurs Program

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This immigration program offers the possibility for someone to settle permanently in Canada, specifically in Quebec, by obtaining permanent residence. The program has two streams under which, subject to meeting the eligibility criteria and factors, interested entrepreneurs may apply provided they are starting or acquiring a business in the province.

What is an entrepreneur

An entrepreneur under this program, according to the regulation, is someone who is 18 years old and who comes from abroad to settle in Quebec with the objective of carrying out a business plan that consists of either operating a business in Quebec that he creates, alone or with other partners, or to operate a business that he creates or acquires.

The program has two components:

  • Component 1 – Business creation;
  • Component 2 – Business creation or acquisition.

Requirement of Stream 1 of the Quebec Entrepreneur Program

  • Have a general high school diploma;
  • Submit a financial commitment contract;
  • Have the support of a business incubator, business gas pedal or university entrepreneurship center.

These three requirements are minimum requirements that must be met in order to be eligible under this program. The applicant for this immigration program must obtain a minimum score of 41 points based on the factors of the selection grid for entrepreneurs.

Points may also be awarded to the applicant for the following factors:

  • Education level;
  • Age;
  • Language skills in English and French;
  • stays and family in Quebec.

Please note that the characteristics of the accompanying spouse are not taken into account when assessing the candidate’s profile for this program.

Requirement of Section 2 of the Quebec Entrepreneur Program

To be selected under this component, the foreign national must obtain a score of 81 points calculated according to the economic selection grid. Factors taken into consideration for the awarding of points are, among others, level of education, fields of training, age, language skills in English and French as well as stays and family in Quebec.

The characteristics of the applicant’s spouse do not earn additional points in this program component, although it is possible to operate the business with a spouse or common-law partner.

Level of education Have a general high school diploma.
Financial autonomy Submit a financial commitment contract.
Company project Submit a business plan.
Start-up deposit Make a start-up deposit of CAD$200,000 or CAD$300,000 depending on the location of the business start-up, either inside or outside the Montreal metropolitan community.
Business Ownership/Operations Own and control a minimum of 25% of the business, alone or with a spouse or common-law partner if the business was created by the applicant or a minimum of 51% if the business was acquired.
Minimum net worth Have a minimum net worth of C$900,000 that was lawfully obtained alone or with a spouse or common-law partner.
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