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Step Canada Visa Facilitates Your Access to Permanent and Temporary Residence in Canadaa

Yes, with Step Canada Visa, it is possible for you to immigrate to Canada. There are several immigration programs that will allow you to make this wish come true. In addition to the immigration programs set up by the federal government, sometimes grouped in facilitation systems such as Express Entry, you have more than 85 immigration programs. These include provincial nominee programs through which you can begin your immigration process.

All you need is an effective immigration strategy, based on the laws governing Canadian immigration, to make your wish to immigrate to Canada a reality. And it is in this sense that the accompaniment and representation service of Visa Step Canada will facilitate in an intelligent way your immigration process to come to Canada.


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Paying for a Good Immigration Strategy Reduces the Risk of Rejection.

The team of Cabinet Immigration Visa Step Canada knows that many of you want to come to Canada to change your life, to see a better day, to ensure the future of your family in peace. We know that this desire is well-founded: it is justified by all the great opportunities that could open up for you and your family as soon as you set foot on Canadian soil.

But the different steps to take to make this desire a reality are very complex. A simple procedural error could be enough to make you go back to zero; you would lose your time and money, and that desire to immigrate, visit or study in Canada would never be fulfilled.

And that is why Bertrand II LOUIS, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, and the Visa Step Canada Immigration Firm offer to establish your file from A to Z until its submission to the government to finally obtain the long awaited result. We offer you our expertise in immigration and refugee law in order to facilitate your access to permanent and temporary residence.

Vous êtes un jeune professionnel avec de l'expérience?Nous pouvons vous aider à immigrer au Canada!
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  • Quel est le programme d’immigration correspondant le mieux à votre profil
  • Combien de temps dure le processus pour lequel vous êtes éligible, et combien en coûte les frais;
  • Quelles sont les premières démarches à faire pour entamer votre demande d’immigration permanente.

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